Fado in Porto and in the northern region of Portugal

Contrary to the popular belief, Fado has existed in Oporto for decades, in fact there is a line of thought that defends Fado as a popular expression that may have derived from the popular musical expressions practiced at fairs, festivals, debulhadas or pilgrimages further north of Portugal: there are even harmonic similarities between songs such as chulas, viras or corridos, more characteristic and present in folklore and Fado.

Another interesting aspect of historical nature, is the significant number of guitar players present in the north of Portugal throughout history, having contributed greatly to the development of the Portuguese guitar as we know it today, as well as the Fado accompaniment guitar. Note that the oldest model of Portuguese guitar is the so-called Porto guitar, some say that this model makes the bridge between the English guitar and the most current guitar.

Adelino Duvall

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